The Nis Symphony Orchestra Hall, 8pm
Clelia Sguera, violin (Italy)
Vito Litturi, klavir (Italija)


R. Sakamoto – The Last Emperor
R. Sakamoto – The Sheltering Sky
R. Sakamoto – Rain
N. Rota – La strada, selezione
N. Rota – Love Theme from Giulietta e Romeo
F. Carpi – Tema di Geppetto
N. Piovani: Buongiorno principessa
G. Barbieri – Ultimo tango a Parigi
E. Morricone – C’era una volta in America, selezione

Clelia Sguera


Clelia Sguera – Graduated in violin at the Conservatory „N. Piccinni“ in Bari, then continued her studies, working with internationally recognized masters, like Violinist of the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana, and collaborated with soloists such as Gasdia, Milva, Bocelli, Bacalov and Cuarta.

She performed under the direction of maestros such as Giulini, Accardo, Serembe, Rencetti, Rat, Parisi. She collaborates with numerous symphony and chamber orchestras, including the „Gusella“ orchestra from Pescara, the „Collegium Musicum“ from Bari, the „Nuova Scarlatti“ orchestra from Naples, the „Magna Grecia“ orchestra from Taranto, the Foggia Conservatory Orchestra and the one from Bari, the orchestra of the Petrucelli theater and the theater from Bari.

She made radio-television and sound recordings, as well as numerous tours in Italy and abroad. She is intensively engaged in chamber music in various forms, collaborating on theater projects with masters such as Albertaci, Foa, Gardini and Caruso. She is a professor of history and musical aesthetics at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music in Nocera Terinese (Catanzaro).

Vito Liturri


He holds the composition chair at the Conservatory „N. Piccinni“ in Bari. He graduated in composition and orchestra conducting at the same Conservatory in Bari. His compositions were recorded for „Rugginenti“ (Milan) and „CM Classic“ (Bari) and published in the music publications „Carrara“ (Bergamo) and „Sorriso“ (Bari); that were also performed at contemporary music festivals and concerts in Italy and abroad. He got closer to jazz under the guidance of Nick Marsiliano, and then attended Jazz masterclasses in Siena. He played with, among others, Franco Seri, Guy and the Specialists and the Suoni Visionari ensemble of Felice Mezzana.

Interested in theater and the interaction of music with other forms of expression, he collaborated with, among others, actors Leopoldo Mastelloni, Emilio Solfrizzi, Antonio Stornaiolo, Edoardo Siravo and Marco Paoli; he is also one of the founders of Compagnia Teatro Prisma.